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tv   CNN International  CNN  June 4, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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an avalanche is coming. a former fifa official threatens to spill more secrets about football's governing body. >> rescuers pull more body from a sunken cruise ship in china. but they found no new signs of life. >> and police in the u.s. say a terror suspect who they shot and killed plotted to kill a prominent conservative activist. >> all of that is coming up. hello, welcome to viewers in the u.s. and all around the world. your last hour of the week with both of us. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. and this is "cnn newsroom".." this hour we begin with the still growing fifa scandal where we are now learning exactly what former executive chuck blazer
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told the u.s. judge in 2013 that led to current corruption investigation. >> the newly released documents quote blazer as saying "i agreed with other persons in or around 1992 to facilitate acceptance of a bribe in conjunction with the selection of the host nation for the 1998 world cup." he added "beginning in or around 2004 and through 2011 i and others on the fifa executive committee agreed to accept bribes in conjunction with the selection of south africa as the host nation for the 2010 world cup." >> really quite surprising. for more on the latest let's bring our correspondent in in zurich switzerland. it does all come done to chuck blazer here. he admits to wrongdoing. wore a wire during the london olympics for the u.s. fed to got more information. it seems his cooperation here has been key, essential,
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basically to this corruption case? >> good morning, errol, good morning, rosemary. he has been key, he has been the informant for the fbi, key for them. it is important to net that he was sitting right at the top of the committee, the table, he held important roles here in the executive committee. so he knows, knew what was happening for quite a long time. this report that you have been talking about that has been released the transcript of the interview with the fbi, very damning and quite a bombshell. like you were saying he admits to to really bribing the world cups bothen france the world cup in 1998 as well as south africa. what it does show. it contradicts what we heard yesterday from the south african authorities. saying that the money they said was legacy money. there was no wrongdoing. there was not a bribe. it was going, quoting here "for the deaspera."
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one picture painted this morning. another one worth pointing out. not just talking world cups here. also talking what they say gold cups, part south american caribbean, tell the year 1996 1998 2000 2002 and 20034. as i was going through the documents late last night here on cnn, the news broke, all most 40 pages. there was something that stood out for me. he said chuck blazer said he started working on the bribes for the world cup in 1998. back in 1992 errol. that means that the corruption was going unchecked for some 23 years. at the moment we are looking at four world cups. the question 1998 the french world cup, 2010 the world cup in south africa and now we have got kaqatar as well as russia. errol. >> if that wasn't enough. there could be more bombshells to come. you have others tleft ss threatening
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to spill secrets. jack warner, facing krupptioncorruption charges. he spoke out yesterday. what did he have to say? >> i think we will get much more to come. we heard from attorney general loretta lynch. it looks like just the beginning. we seem to be getting more revelations. we heard yesterday from jack warner. one of the 14 people being sought indicted on charges of corruption. and money laundering and racketeering. and he also what he had to say was quite strong. although i have to just point out to our viewers, these accusations we heard from him, we heard them before. the question is will he deliver on the promises that has been made. he says he has links between fifa and elections in trinidad and tobago he has evidence to link blatter to the scandal. he will pass on those documents to his lawyer. all the evidence he said. he has reams of documents. quoting here to pass on to his
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lawyer. interestingly enough. i want to goat him.quote him. the best sound bite coming from him. he said "not even death will stop the avalanche that is coming." so very strong word coming from him. seems a lot, people at the top of the ladder are coming under immense pressure. take a listen to what he had to say. reportedly apparently told blatter to step down before he did last week. take a listen. people ask you, i said to him step down. i said blatter, i sympathize with you because i was in 20b 11 where you are today. the only difference is that you caused my demise. i didn't cause yours. >> so you heard there from him. of course he went on to say the die is cast. there can be no turning back,
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errol, let the chips fall where they fall. where does this leave fifa? where does this leave sepp blatter? will he be under pressure to quit before the world congress next year? and will we see other people at the top of the chain here also falling like pieces of dominoes. we have heard from the last few days. the linking south africa to one of the top executives here. will he also be forced to step down. lots of questions being asked. what it does show in terms of the paint a picture really how much how many years of corruption have been going under fifa here. really did sepp blatter knew this for some 20 years. because he may not have been in charge in 1998 for the world cup. he was still part of the committee. errol. >> you just wonder will more top executives facing corruption allegations turn on each other and give up more dirt. how can fifa possibly reform amid al of this. we will watch it unfold. great to see you. >> now, in central china,
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rescuers say there are no scenes of life from their search inside a cruise ship submerged in the yangtze river. >> searchers have recovered at least 66 body from that accident. more than 450 passengers and crew were on board the eastern star when it cap sized during a violent storm on monday. hundreds of people are still missing. now, david mckenzie joins us on the phone from china where that accident happened. david, of course horrifying to learn there has been no sign of life at this point, but rescuers are not giving up are they? although there seems to be a time line given to this now. a deadline. >> that's right. they're saying they will give 72 hours out of respect for the family members. and we have just got -- we did a tour of the site of the rescue operation. it was quite extraordinary. several large crane ships are
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straddling on either side of the "eastern star" which is obviously overturned. there are men on board welding the hull. presumably getting ready to start the salvage operation once they have exhausted all hope that the people are in there alive. rosemary. >> david, family members of those who were on board the cap sized ship. they're angry. they are, they are clearly grieving at this point. and they feel they haven't been assisted. they haven't been told what is going on here. talk to us about that part of the story. >> well certainly the family members, many of them are angry they feel they haven't had the information that can give them some kind of closure. many of them still hope there might be the chance of someone, their family member alive. several of them, multiple members of their family were on the cruise one man told us they
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said this was the safest told by the agency this was the safest way to travel through china. now what appears to be happening though on the search side of this now. they want to salvage the vessel. right it. and then bring body out. there are tents set up to accept the deceased, and just at the ready. as people in white jump suits, to kind of do any kind that they need to to inevitably get them reunited with their family members. >> a heartbreaking situation. sadly we have seen these sorts of events play out in the past. david mckenzie. watching that rescue effort under way right now in china on the yangtze river. many thanks to you. meteorologist ivan cabrera joins us live with more on the conditions in the area. last hour ivan you were
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telling us about some of the nuisance rain which is an issue. how do things look at this moment? >> that's about right. think in the next couple days we'll get a nice break. then back this weekend, late in the weeken get back into the rain. remember this is the east asia rainy season. right? so we are talking about -- weeks and, and in fact months of very heavy downpours here. not over the same area but because of the or yen taegs ofientation of a frontal boundary. thunderstorm activity blowing up to south here. we have a feature, moving on in. few showers. gusty winds. nothing like we saw a couple days ago. and there are the heaviest of the storms. in fact follow the line. goes all the way east through taiwan and then heading up into japan with the low that will form here. that's going to be bringing them heavy rain. we'll focus in on jiangli. wind gusts, 20 to 40. then clear sky, by the time we
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get into the weekend here with this front moving further down to the south area, high pressure from the north. drier air begins to work its way in here. i think we will be in
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the fbi says the suspect, usama rahim, changed his mind about killing geller and decided to target police instead. officials believe rahim was radicalized by isis. geller says rahim's actions should serve as a warning. >> since garland, texas, i have had an army of security. this is what is required just to just to show a cartoon. in america, 2015. it it's striking. it is devastating. and people need to understand what's at stake. i mean if we surrender on this point, then then what will we surrender next. >> cnn's alexandra field has more on the terror suspect's alleged motives and the final moments of his life.
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>> reporter: police say he pulled a military style knife on them and that's why they shot and killed usama rahim. but the 26-year-old posed a threat to law enforcement even before the deadly encounter in a cvs parking lot. the man purchased three military knives and sharpener on the internet. but over time the authorities say the plan formed by the man inspired by isis changed. rahim sent a text to an associate. i can't wait that long. i want wait that long man. he later writes i'm going to be on vacation here in massachusetts. i'm just going to go after them those boys in blue because, it's the easiest target and, the most common is the easiest for me. vacation, code for jihad according to investigators. boys in blue obvious reference to law enforcement.
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those messages sent police say, to 25-year-old david wright now charged in federal court with conspiracy and attempting to obstruct justice by destroying a cell phone. ones to days investigators spent hours searching his everitt home also searching a warwick, rode island home. officials say it is related to the investigation. they haven't said how. but police are now explaining why they took action outside the cvs confronting a man they have spent years watching. >> our officers went out there to only question the individual. we never anticipated what his reaction would be. and -- and that he would pull out obviously a military knife. at that point the military shows the four five officers backtrack ing backtracking away from the suspect as he is coming at them. >> reporter: surveillance video captured the deadly shooting
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hasn't been shown to the public. instead civil rights and islamic community leaders were invited to friftprivately view it in an effort to clear up misinformation police say after rahim's brother posted on line usama had been shot three times in the back at a bus stop while on the phone with his father. >> based on the video that we saw i was -- i would 150% collaborate with what the commissioner stated. there was an approach approach to the suspect to talk with him. the officers were backing up what i saw an thing went done as you know. alexandra field, cnn, boston. >> still to come on "cnn newsroom," the u.s. assessment of the coalition campaign against isis. we'll put some of the numbers in context. >> and the parents in a u.s. reality show address the scandal surrounding their son. we're back in a moment.
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welcome back. israel carried out bombing raids on hamas military camps thursday in retaliation for an earlier
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attack. wednesday israeli rockets were launched. >> the rockets were the second attack in a week after an egyptian brokered truce in august. a radical islamist group claimed responsibility for firing the rockets. [ explosion ] meanwhile police used stun grenade on palestinians protesting an israeli light festival in jerusalem. the festival which consists of singing attracts thousand of people typically. >> according to protesters the festival forces the israeli identity on the islamic and arab identity of the old city. >> the u.s. says it recorded more than 10,000 isis deaths. since the coalition campaign against the militants began some nine months ago. a state department spokesperson
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emphasizes the u.s. isn't keeping a body count. the factors, and equipment destroyed go into assessing the coalition campaign. >> all this goes to a much larger story which is that this group isil is under pressure. they have had success recently. there is no question. they are not behaving the way they weren june of last year. they don't and can't communicate the way that they used to be able to communicate and coordinate before. >> the cia estimates isis still has 20,000 to 30,000 fighters because the group can replace slain fighters through recruitment and conscription in iraq and syria. >> the ukrainian military says 200 russia-backed separatists fired heavy artillery at ukrainian positions wednesday. witnesses say the worst fighting they have seen since a cease-fire was announced months
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ago. our correspondent reports. >> reporter: a so-called cease-fire, a separatist clash with forces in eastern ukraine. heavy artillery fire was reported in what observers call some of the worst fighting since the shaky cease-fire was declared back in february. an activist from a group supporting the separatist describes the scene. >> translator: ten minutes ago the ukrainian side opened fire. now rebels are engage in return fire again the ukrainian side. >> translator: over there, 100 meters ahead of us there are front line positions. the guys are engaging in machine gun contact with the enemy. >> reporter: a spokesman for pro russian rebels blames provocation by ukrainian forces for the clashes. ukrainian military officials say a few hundred rebels attacked first. >> translator: the enemy started shelling positions from the
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regin from heavy weaponry. tanks more tars, artillery were used. >> reporter: ukrainian officials say they turned back the rebel attack and deny report that 25 of their soldiers were wounded in the fighting. this comes on the heels of a reuters report showing russia's army amassing troops tanks and weaponry near the border with ukraine. officials in kiev claim russia is preparing for an offensive. russia isn't commenting on troop movements and denies its military is involved in the conflict. while both side point fingers, fighting is heating up again. it appears the fragile cease-fire is closer than ever to collapse. south korea is battling an outbreak of the deadly mers virus. coming up -- what the country is doing to stop the spread of the disease.
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welcome back, everyone. you are watching "cnn newsroom." i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. let's get you our top headlines this hour. we beginning with word coming into cnn of an explosion at a gas station in ghana's capital. at this moment reporting it killed at least 78 people. they have taken shelter at the station during a torrential rain storm. the report says the explosion believed to be an accident linked to the downpour. we'll have more on the hours ahead. >> former fifa executive chuck blazer admits he and others took bribes in connection with the 1998 and 2010 world cup. u.s. prosecutors released his
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court testimony from 2013 when he turned informant. blazer pleaded guilty to ten felonies including racketeering money laundering and tax evasion. >> helps are fading for fining any more survivors inside the capsized "eastern star" cruise ship. rescuers are hearing no signs of life at the accident site in the yangtze river in central china. state media reports 66 body recovered. only 14 survivors have been found. that leaves 370 missing. >> law enforcement sources say the boston terror suspect killed by authorities had plotted to behead a prominent activist. that activist is pamela geller. who recently organized a prophet muhammad cartoon contest in texas that ended in a deadly shootout. the fbi says usama rahim apparently changed his mind about killing geller and decided to target police instead.
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south korea's government now taking steps to stop the growing outbreak of the mers virus there. so far two people have died and at least 35 cases have been confirmed. the latest information. bring in our kathy novak, standing by in seoul for us. we should explain, kathy this is a very deadly virus. i am just wondering how people are being quarantined and if hospitals are being trained in how to detect this relatively new very deadly virus. >> yes, errol, very deadly and relatively new in humans. not much is known about the spread, compared to other diseases. there is no vaccine. no cure. so the level of alarm in the public here is certainly growing. in terms of quarantine the government is stepping up its efforts. it does admit in the early stages it didn't do enough to make sure the first men who returned with the virus from the middle east was quarantined before he managed to spread it to dozens of others. now more than 1,300 people are
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being designated hospitals and others in their homes. as far as testing. the government is providing testing kits to the hospitals where they're needed and continuing to study the effects of the virus as they continue to stop, and try to stop the spread. >> kathy, what about the skl clechool closures? do we know how long schools will be expected to be closed? >> errol, more than 800 schools are closed to day. no word yet on when they will open again. that is a precaution. just the schools themselves deciding that they want to take that extra step to protect the children there. in fact the concerns with mers on the other side of the spectrum, the elderly. the two people who passed away were above age 50 and both had pre-existing conditions. officials most concerned about people over age 50 and suffering from illnesses. of course we know this was
12:33 am
spread through hospitals. quite a number of them may already be suffering from a disease. >> yeah scary situation. kathy novak live for us in seoul, south korea. thank you. >> joining us to talk about this more indepth, sean kaufman, infectious disease expert with extensive experience dealing with disease control. >> in fact worked with the cdc and world health organization. thank you so much for being with us now. we learned the w.h.o. said this is going to grow. we want to start with the mers outbreak there in south korea. at this point give us an idea on the best way they can try to contain this but also how well equipped is south korea to do that? >> a great question. i think south korea is really in essence one of the best health care systems that we do have out there. i think they're doing what they can right now to implement and kind of put in place social distancing practices that will slow the outbreak. i do expect we will see more cases, what
12:34 am
is being done right now is the best course of action to kind of slow the overall outbreak and give us a sense of what is really going on. >> in many ways a new frontier. one person confirmed to have mers, had recently traveled to saudi arabia, the uae, qatar and bahrain, of course this originating, this virus, disease in the middle east. why has the it taken so long for an jut break to occur? did saudi arabia, where it originated do something right in containing it? or just that new? >> no, i think -- we don't know kind of where it came from at this moment in time. what we do know is this individual did come over. has been extremely sick. which means typically are shedding a lot of the virus when they are. we know family members tend to take a lot of the nursing responsibilities over. when family members who are very inexperienced with infection control practices start treating someone who is very sick it can
12:35 am
really lead to things that cause catastrophic outcomes like an outbreak of a dangerous disease. >> another issue we want to talk about, you have had a lot of experience with this, the anthrax, the case of shipping live anthrax within a number of states in the usa and other countries. talk to us about how that can happen and how it cannot happen again. >> what a blunder. >> it is a huge blunder. it is not what is supposed to be happening. and for good reason. around the world we have detection systems to try to determine when a biological attack occurs. kind of a scary event. a terrorist attack that uses an agent like anthrax, how can we determine if it is a real attack. and we can send it out to the lab and make sure their detection systems are in place. what has happened the policy to ensure an activation occurred
12:36 am
did not work. so even if the work force followed the policy the reality was it wasn't enough to inactivate anthrax. i suspect we will see many more labs report that they received live anthrax. >> to know this has happened at the military level, i think is what has stunned so many people. i guess it also proves there is human air railroad thaterror that we have to take into account. in both i know protecting health care workers, we should let our viewers, you are working with nina pham in texas, a health care worker infected with ebola. >> so often we want to blame the nurse or blame the doctor. the reality of the situation is that leaders have the right to expect the work force to behave in a certain way when they show up to work. but the work force has a right to expect leadership to protect and prepare them as best as they can.
12:37 am
and when you see nurses face emerging infectious diseases and they dent have the information they need to protect themselves and see folks doing things they're not prepared for, following a approximately see that probably should have never been implemented in the first place. that doesn't call the work force into error. it really calls, a lack of leadership. and we see that in life sciences. we see it in the health care industry as well. >> sean kaufman. thank you for talk with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you, my pleasure. thanks. >> a scandal involving molestation erupted two weeks ago. now a parents in a hit u.s. reality show are speaking out about the controversy. we'll show you what they're saying next. >> sheryl sandberg a well known face book executive is talking about the immense grief after her husband's sudden death. the moving message, that's next. beautiful on the tongue, delightful to the bite
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welcome back everyone. jim bob and michelle duggar are famous for a hit u.s. reality tv show about raising the family's 19 children. but about two weeks ago, a tabloid reporter -- reported their eldest son josh molested his sisters and a family friend when he was a teenager. now his parents hatchve not spoken publicly about this until now. >> we thought we are failures. here we tried to raise our kids do know what is right. yet one of our children made some really bad choices. and i think as a parent we were devastated. >> you just saw an image of josh duggar there. never been charged with a crime. >> no randi kaye reports the controversy has put the future of the show in doubt and raised many questions about the handling of the allegations.
12:41 am
and we have to warn you, some of the language in the report may be disturbing. >> reporter: on three separate occasions, josh duggar confessed to his father he molested his sisters. three times he told jim bob duggar what he had done according to a police report obtained by "in touch" magazine. >> in the police report joshua was crying. his dad brought him in. he was also there with the church elder. >> reporter: this is the police report from the sheriff's office in washington county arkansas where the duggars live. the details are disturbing. documents reveal that josh was 15 years old in march of 2003 when he mope lested his 5-year-old sister. and it didn't just happen once. police say he touched her breasts and vaginal area while reading her a book on his lap. another time the police report says he put his hand up her skirt in the laundry room. >> one of the sisters remembers the blanket being removed.
12:42 am
she went to her father and said something about it. >> reporter: it wasn't just his 5-year-old sister he victimized. the police report says josh duggar admitted in 2002 and 2003 to molesting four sisters and a family friend. jim bob told police that in march of 2002 josh told him that he had been sneaking into his sisters room at night and had been touching his sisters on the breasts and vaginal areas while they were sleeping. in all, josh duggar is involved in at least seven instances of sexual molestation. and his parents, they sat on the information instead of reporting it to police. in fact despite josh duggar telling his parents what he had done, the police report shows the duggars waited at least 16 months before reporting their son's behavior to authorities. 16 months. what is still unclear is whether or not josh duggar or sisters ever got professional help after this abuse occurred.
12:43 am
jim bob duggar said his son was sent to some sort of treatment program to get help. his later michelle told springdale police in arkansas that he had actually just been sent to a family friend. eventually the duggars did send josh to get counseling from state trooper joseph hutchins now serving 56 years in prison for child porn. hutchins told in touch from jail that jim bob duggar told him about one case of sexual abuse. the new police report says josh admitted to the trooper what he had done. meanwhile by the time 2006 rolled around and police started investigating the allegations, the statute of limitations had run out. randi kay e, cnn, new york. >> if you are interested in learning more about this story, we have much more coverage on our website. head to for a look at other reality shows which have
12:44 am
been plagued by scandal. facebook executive sheryl sandberg posted a tribute to her husband. >> herawe >> her post comes at the end of the 30 day mourning period in jewish tradition. more on her reflection on love and loss. >> reporter: a very personal post on facebook from company coo cheryl shandsheryl sandberg. a childhood friend of mine told me the most powerful one line prayer he ever read is let me not die while i am still alive. i never would have understood the prayer before losing day. now i do. sandberg's husband, dave goldberg unexpectedly died on a family vacation leaving sandberg a single mother and grieving widow. i think when tragedy occurs it presents a choice. you can give into the void the
12:45 am
emptiness that fills your hearts, your lungs constricts your ability to think or even breathe. or you can try to find meaning if i have lived 30 years in these 30 days i've am 30 years sadder. i feel like i am 30 years wiser. i have gained a more profound understanding of what it is to be a mother. both to the depth of the agony i feel when my children scream and cry. and from a connection my mother has to my pain. she has tried to fill the empty space in my bed, holding me each night until i cry myself to sleep. she has fought to hold back her own tears to make room for mine. sandberg doesn't hold back on what not to say to experiencing the pain of loss. real real empathy not insisting it will be okay but acknowledgeing it is not. when people say you and your children will find happiness again. my heart tells me i believe that. but i know i will never feel pure joy again. a simple how are you all always
12:46 am
with the best of intentions is better replaced with how are you today? sandberg shares wisdom on life back in the office after death at home. i realize that to restore that closeness with my colleagues that has always been so important to me. i need to let them in. that meant being more open and vulnerable than i have ever wanted to be. lastly, she says good-bye to her husband. marking the end of the jewish mourning period. as heartbroken as i am i look at my children each day and rejoice that they are alive. i appreciate every smile, every hug. i no longer take each day for granted. i was talking to one of my fraend but a father-child activity that dave is not here to do. we came up with a plan to fill in for dave. i cried to him but i want dave. i want option a. he his arm around me and said option a is not available. so let's just kick the
12:47 am
[ bleep ] out of option b. dave, to honor your memory and raise your children as they deserde deserve to be raised. i promise to do all i can to kick the [ bleep ] out of option b. i will always mourn for option a, as bono sang "there is no end to grief and there is no end to love." i love you, dave.
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welcome back everyone. the start of the u.s. pro football season is still about three months away. but the nfl is making headlines with a big announcement. >> that's right. it teamed up with yahoo! for the first ever live stream of an nfl game. >> reporter: this is football coming to the internet at least in a limited way. the parties involved here are calling this an experiment. it is clearly a glimpse into the future of how sports are coming to the internet the same way we see dramas sitcoms and news and all other types of program migrating from traditional tell vgs to streaming tv. right now every football game in the u.s. is shown on traditional
12:52 am
television. nbc, cbs, fox, directv. and in local markets. so the nfl wants to test internet streaming of football games. in the u.s. and also around the world. they want to have even more companies biddings on the valuable rights to nfl games. so in the deal with yahoo! they're trying it once. putting their toe in the water. yahoo! paying $10 million for the rights to be the first. they will show one game buffalo bills/jacksonville jaguars game. it will stream free all over the world from london's wembley stadium. if it works and it probably will. we will see the nfl experiment. though it has valuable contracts for five to ten years with television networks may look for deals with internet streamers as well. increasingly that's how people want to watch tv. they might as well be watching the same thing for years, football games, in a whole new way on new screens and mobile
12:53 am
phones. guys, back to you. >> thank you, brian. we turn to hockey the chicago blackhawks off to a good start in the stanley cup finals and beat the tampa bay lightning, 2-1, in tampa florida. lightning led almost the whole game until chicago scored twice late in the first period. >> the blackhawks won the stanley cup in 2010 and again in 2013. the lightning last won the cup in 2004. game two, saturday night in tampa. >> now, let's talk nba finals. they get under way tonight in oakland california. as lebron james leads the cleveland cavaliers into battle. their sixth nba final for king james as he is known. four with the miami heat. >> the cavaliers will face golden state warriors. and the league's mvp steph kury. curry. last time they won in 1975. we appreciate being your mvps.
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if i may say so. you're watching cnn news. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. and "early start" next for viewers in the united states. >> for folks around the world, see "cnn newsroom" after the break. we'll see you next week. every day people fall, from a simple misstep, to tripping over a rug, to just losing their balance. and not being able to get up from a fall can have serious lifetime consequences. being prepared is important. philips lifeline with autoalert is more than just a medical alert button. it's an advanced fall-detection system, designed to get you help quickly. if you fall and you're unable to push your button, the fall detection technology within autoalert can trigger the button to automatically place a call for help. philip's lifeline has saved more lives than any other medical alert service.
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developing overnight, a domestic terror plot foiled and target revealed. the terror suspect killed in boston. authorities say he had planned to kill a woman behind the contest to draw the prophet muhammad. pamela geller's response. and isis with the tight grip on the city despite efforts to take it back. the terror group's move to cut off a key water supply now being felt by iraqi forces. how c
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